Why Offthetongue?

Did you ever strap up and suddenly feel half as sexy because you’re wearing what is effectively the underwear of a grown man with a hole cut in the front? Or get pissed off because you spent £40 on a new lace bra but the purple leather of your harness is trashing your whole aesthetic? That’s why offthetongue make harnesses with a feminine touch. Don’t compromise your look. Feel good, fuck good. 


Do they actually work?

Yes. Yes they do. When we say Delicately Made, Rigorously Tested, we mean it. They might look all sweetness and light, but these designs have been tested to hold toys of at least 350g in weight securely and comfortably.


Are they machine washable? 

All our harnesses are machine washable at 40 degrees but should not be tumble dried. We highly recommend washing our lace styles in a bag to avoid the fabric catching on the fastenings of other clothes and becoming damaged. Always wash with similar colours.

How do I choose my size? 

Your harness should fit snugly so that the base of your toy is pressed against you with little room for movement. This helps with stability and is a pretty fundamental element of using any harness. Check out our sizing guide here.

If you’re between sizes, we recommend you size down. All our harnesses are made from stretch fabric, making them comfortable and forgiving- but they simply will not do their job properly if you get a size too large. If you have any questions at all regarding sizing, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


What toys are compatible?

Our harnesses are suitable for use with any toy with a flared base larger than the o-ring size (either 4cm or 5.3cm.) It goes hand in hand, but the girth of your toy cannot exceed the o-ring width. They are not intended for use with toys over 350g in weight and have not been tested with glass dildos.


What is your returns policy? 

Due the the nature of this product, we are currently unable to accept returns or exchanges- though you are welcome to cancel your order within two hours of placing it. This is because each of our harnesses are loving made to order especially for you.


What is your delivery time? 

We will ship as soon as humanly possible but please allow 7-14 working days for dispatch. Delivery time in addition to this will vary according to country. Please visit our Delivery and Refunds page for further information.


Is the packaging discreet? 

Your purchase will arrive to you in plain packaging with no branding or other indication of what is inside. That being said, if you want us to write “DILDOS ETC” on the envelope to freak out Martha in accounts, we will.

If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us and we’ll try our best to answer it for you!